That’s a Wrap

That’s a Wrap

Hopefully this will be the last wrap box we’ll see for at least a few days as leftovers are just around the corner. I was getting a little tired of the muted colors of wax paper or tissue paper wrapped tortillas, so I decided I’d change it up a bit in this box and slice the wraps so they great colors would show through.

I’ve noticed that my favorite bento boxes by other people often have more color in the background than mine do, so I decided to try their technique with this box.I was wishing I had some red leaf lettuce to use, but since we didn’t gets our planted in time, I had to rely on old, reliable baby spinach. This worked well though as I used the baby spinach to build a base that would also function as a salad after he ate his sandwich.

This is the same wrap as yesterday…spinach and veggie tortilla filled with turkey, ham, salami, carrots, cheese, spinach and dill pickle. I sliced off the very ends (and ate them) and then sliced the full roll into four separate pieces.A wooden toothpick run through the center of each piece holds them together. I then set them into the four corners of the box, placed half of a hard boiled egg in the center and anchored everything in (more…)

Note to purchase air fryer

Recently, there has been a modern fryer named air fryer, this fryer is known as vacuum fryer, non-oil fryer… allowed the housewives to make the fried food like fried chicken, fried potato, fried dumpling… without oil. This type of fryer is not common due to high prices, ranges from 150 USD to 350 USD per unit.

air fryer

Its name is air fryer, as this fryer makes the food yellow cooked with the air in a pot heated to approximately 200 degree Celsius and use a fan to blow to a hot air rotating fast and strongly all over the surface of the food. Cooking the food is quickly in from 10 to 15 minutes. Fryer does not need to use grease.

Air fryer only needs nearly 3 minutes for warming up the air to the required temperature and the completely time to cook the food is half of the time of usual convection cooker.

An air fryer commonly includes 2 proportions. The above parts are the heat (may so wire) and the fan. The below part is a detachable frying tray, in the frying tray, there is a frying basket used to contain pre-fried food, this frying basket has a mesh bottom for hot air to easily rotate. The jitney fryer often integrates the frying basket into the frying tray so you can’t remove the frying basket out of it; that is inconvenient for cleaning the pot, meanwhile the more advanced pans can be disassembled to fry when you need to soak the fried food and wash it after completing frying.

The volume of air fryer is about from 1.3 liters to 2.2 liters; the food for frying at the same time is about from 500 to 800g. The maximum temperature of the pot is 200 degree Celsius and fry timer allows reaching to a half of hour. Commonly, the potato needs nearly 15 minutes to be fried and the fried chicken thigh needs around 30 minutes.

The capacity of fryer is from 1300 W to 1500 W, it is quite cheap because you needn’t spend on gas and oil money, especially if frying with oil you often have to fry deeply in oil; after frying, it is not good to reuse old oil but throwing away is also quite wasting.

What is the biggest advantage of an air fryer? Maybe the food is not be submerged in the oil because when frying, you do not use oil or if any, it is just very scanty. Compared with types of pan or pot used for frying, air fryer is a better choice, especially for people who have to be diet or have cardiovascular diseases. (more…)